Lt. Charles Searl's Last Letter To His Wife

Reproduced here exclusively with kind permission by Mrs Cheryl Surfus, daughter of the late Lt Searl

Dearest Arlie
I guess I’m rather morbid, but I figure I should write you one last letter.
There is a chance that I may not come back & if I don’t, I’d want to say a few things. Something like if I were there when you receive my few personal belongings.
My happiest days were with you and Charlene. All the beer in the world could never take the hurt out of my heart when you and she are not near me.
I don’t feel that any of my sacrifice are so great as that of being parted from you & Charlene. I have loved you from the first time I met you, I believe, & I still love you even deeper than I ever thought I could love anyone.
Charlene means the world to me & in spite of the pleasure I gain from your companionship & love, I couldn’t be any place else, but where I am.
If things seem bad, bear up & the sun will shine. I hope you will never receive this letter, but if you do, realize that I may be back, and if I don’t come back, I’ll always be with you, & I haven’t failed in life completely. Charlene is part of me & part of you.
If I go down it will be for a good cause & I hope your life is happy.
I love you

Placeholder Picture
Wedding photo of Charles & Arlie Searl-
Courtesy of Mrs Cheryl Surfus

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