Great Reviews Even After 7 Years Since First Published

Received this review from a happy reader the author met in Paris in 2019;
Hi and Happy New Year. To refresh your memory, my wife, Lilli, and I met you after the 75th celebration of D-Day while sipping adult beverages on Rue Rivoli down the street from Hotel Mayfair, and you were kind enough to send me a signed copy of The Death Watch Beetle.
I can barely express how much fun I had with your amazing book. Every single page has numerous facts or references to digest that must have required extensive research by you. What an effort!! And we also share a favorite restaurant, as we dine as often as possible at Le Souffle when we are in Paris. Our favorite is the "self-service" Grand Marnier souffle where they put the bottle on the table.
David, I love writing, but haven't gotten past penning what I call 'war stories' from my 33 year Army career. I just don't have the rare combination of long range vision and incredible attention to detail you demonstrated.
Anyway, my profound thanks for a wonderful 4 days I spent slowly working my way through your fascinating characters and their perambulations.